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Hey! It’s Neil Napier

Greetings! My name is Neil Napier, and I am so glad you found your way to this page. As an accomplished online marketer and software developer, I take great pride in the fact that thousands of customers actively use and benefit from our products.

I'd like to express my gratitude for your visit and invite you to join our team in promoting our latest offering, Voice2Content. 

My involvement in the online marketing sphere spans many years, during which I've had the privilege to launch and promote multiple six-figure products on various platforms such as JVZoo, WarriorPlus and PayKickStart.

We develop our products with the aim of providing real-world results and ensuring they deliver high conversion rates for our partners. To further enhance our users' experience, we offer round-the-clock support from our dedicated team. It would be an absolute pleasure to have you join us!

Do Our Launches Make Money?

Voice2Content is an AI-powered platform designed for converting voice recordings into marketable content. We created it to be used on mobile, tablet and desktop.

It caters to users who want to leverage the convenience of voice recording from their phones and other devices to create marketing materials without the need for manual typing or content creation.

With Voice2Content, users can instantly transform their spoken ideas into profitable marketing campaigns, making it a handy tool for professionals on the go or those looking to efficiently scale their content marketing efforts.

Record or Upload

Start by recording your thoughts directly with your phone or computer or uploading your pre-recorded audio/video files to Voice2Content.


Choose the desired tone and the type of marketing material you aim to produce, whether it's an ad, social media content, or SEO-focused copy.

Generate & Profit

Let Voice2Content's AI transform your voice into compelling marketing campaigns. Deploy the content across platforms and watch your brand resonate with audiences everywhere.

Checkout Some of the KEY Features

50 Sub-Accounts

Create 50 individual sub-accounts, each loaded with 50 credits

  • Give away and get commissions
  • View a list of users.
  • Add new users.
  • Set up affiliate links.

Import Audio

Supports diverse audio formats (up to 25MB) for user convenience in uploading content.

Import Videos

Accepts a variety of video formats (up to 25MB)

Record Audio

Direct audio recording functionality, allowing thoughts to be captured on the go works on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Mobile Supported 

Complete mobile compatibility allows users to record audio directly from their browsers on mobile devices.

Choose Style & Tone

Customize the content tone to align with your brand or message requirements.

Character, Word & Reading-Time Count

Provides real-time content metrics to ensure optimal length and readability.

Marketing Content Tools

  • Users can convert their voice into various types of marketing materials like:
  • Marketing frameworks.
  • Social media content.
  • SEO-related content.
  • Lead generation materials.
  • Content improvement tools.
  • Company-specific copy.
  • Q&A sections.
  • Advertisements.
  • Video scripts.

Commercial License

Grants permission to use the generated content for commercial purposes, unlocking new revenue streams.


Provides comprehensive training to ensure users can fully leverage all the platform's features.

Premium Support

Guarantees top-notch support to address any concerns or queries promptly.



  • Experience Creative Burnout: Voice2Content reignites your creative spark by letting AI handle the heavy lifting.
  • Miss Out on Inspiration: With the ability to record on the go, never let a great idea slip away again.
  • Waste Time Re-inventing the Wheel: With diverse content types available, reuse and repurpose with ease.
  • Feel Technologically Overwhelmed: The intuitive interface ensures you don't need to be tech-savvy to get results.
  • Overthink Marketing Strategies: With the built-in guidance on content types, always know the right format for your message.
  • Be Tied To Your Desk: Whether you're on a mountain or in a coffee shop, your mobile is your marketing department.

Voice2Content is Perfect For:

Digital Marketing Agencies

Agencies can swiftly turn voiced campaign ideas into actionable drafts after strategy sessions.

Content Creators & Influencers

Creators can vocalize content ideas and have them rapidly crafted into publish-ready material.

E-commerce Store Owners

Store owners can describe products aloud and get these descriptions transformed into polished listings and promotional materials.

Local Business Marketers

By discussing local initiatives, marketers can produce content that deeply connects with the local community.

Affiliate Marketers

Detailing product merits, affiliates generate compelling promotional content, boosting their marketing impact.

SEO Specialists

By voicing SEO strategies, specialists can craft optimized articles and outreach content.

Social Media Managers

Managers articulating post ideas can quickly create captivating social media content.

PPC & Ad Campaign Managers

By describing ad pitches, campaign managers receive catchy ad copies that enhance ad performance.

Lead Generation Specialists

By outlining product USPs verbally, specialists create magnetic content that draws in potential leads.

Facts & Why Promote Voice2Content?

  • Seven out of ten consumers believe AI can make their lives better.
  • 45% would use generative AI more if it was integrated into the technology they already use.
  • 75% of generative AI users are looking to automate tasks at work and use generative AI for work communications.
  • The global AI market was valued at $327B+ in 2021.
  • Nearly 45% of organizations believe ​​AI will improve remote work.
  • Roughly 44% of companies that implemented AI report a reduction in business costs.
  • Almost nine out of ten organizations (87%) believe AI will give them an edge.
  • Over half of executives (54%) say AI increased productivity in their businesses.
  •  Executives expect AI to:
  • Deliver more efficient business processes (74%).
  • Create new business models (55%).
  • Enable the creation of new products and services (54%).
  • You can expect powerful reciprocation from a seven-figure marketer.
  • VSL and the sales copy written by a rock-star copywriter
  • Premium customer support.


This Launch Event Is Divided Into Two Phases


Starts on 16th October at 11 AM ET/NY Ends on 19th October at 11 AM ET/NY

  • We pay you $1 per lead
  • All links are hard-coded
  • Live webinar on the 19th of October at 10 AM ET/NY
  • We’ll retarget your leads heavily


Cart Opens: 19th October at 11 AM ET/NY Cart Closes: 23rd October at 11:59 PM ET/NY

  • Sales copies and VSLs written by an 8-figure copywriter
  • High-ticket upsell included
  • Make up to $241 per click

Opening Contest

Starts on 19th October, 11 AM ET/NY 

Ends on 21st October, 11:59 PM ET/NY











MINIMUMS APPLIED - Individual Contest!

More contests will be announced!















NewBSuite Deluxe



AI Offer Domination


  • 1000 personal use credits*
  • UNLIMITED Voice Recordings/Uploads (25 mb max size each)
  • 50 sub-accounts (50 credits each subaccount) 
  • User list
  • Create new user
  • Set affiliate link
  • Import Audio (up to 25MB) .mp3, .wav
  • Import videos (up to 25MB) .m4a, .webm, .mp4, .mpga, .mpeg
  • Record Audio
  • Choose Tone
  • Multi-language
  • Characters, words & reading time count
  • Mobile supported (open in browser and record audio from your mobile)
  • Marketing content:
  • Q&A
  • Ads
  • Video Creation
  • Marketing Frameworks
  • Social Media
  • Improving Content
  • Company Copy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Generation
  • Commercial license
  • Training
  • Premium Support
  • (*1 credit = 1 creation)
  • Manual Transcript 
  • Translate to English 
  • Save prompts as templates
  • Marketing content:
  • Webinars
  • Page Copy
  • Marketing Planning
  • Email Marketing
  • Unlimited credits
  • Unlimited Sub Accounts
  • Register Links Generator
  • DFY Business Website:
  • All Website Pages Created with content
  • Add Business Clients Testimonial
  • Add Featured Samples of Business Services Offered
  • Custom PayPal Checkout Integration
  • DFY Sales Proposal
  • DFY Email Swipes
  • DFY Telemarketing Scripts
  • DFY Legal Contract
  • DFY Graphics Banner
  • DFY Business Cards
  • DFY FB Ads Creativity
  • DFY Rate Cards
  • DFY Letterheads
  • DFY Invoice
  • Includes Unlimited Credits
  • 50 Sub-Accounts
  • Full access to all 10 products
  • Marketing Suite - 
  • Create Offer Pages
  • Create Optin Pages
  • Create Scratch Off Pages
  • Track All Your Marketing Links
  • Traffic Generation Suite:
  • Create Social Graphics
  • Create Social Posts
  • Design YouTube Thumbnails
  • Advertising Design Suite
  • Create ads for ANY platform
  • Includes Insta & FB templates
  • Create Your Company’s Logo
  • Simple Page Designer for anything else!
  • PowrWriter - A Flexible, Powerful AI Copy Creation Tool
  • Page Scraper - Find great leads for any niche.
  • Map Leads - Use Google To Generate Quality B2b Leads
  • Fully Hosted By Us - no website required
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Commercial License Included
  • training
  • Support
  • Understanding Offers and Their Components
  • Using AI to Sketch Out Offers
  • Creating a CLEAR Core Offer
  • Crafting Bonuses That Break Down Objections

Do We Reciprocate?


Neil Napier


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Dragan Plushkovski

Affiliate Manager

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Please carefully read the rules before joining this program. You agree that you are NOT allowed to use the following promotional methods if approved for this affiliate program. Doing so may result in you being terminated from the affiliate program and forfeiting any outstanding commissions.

1. Don't send Spam or using safe lists of any kind

2. Cash rebates, cash backs, gift cards or physical product incentives etc to people who buy through your affiliate link are not permitted.

3. Using negative words such as 'scam' in any promotional campaign is NOT allowed.

4. Don't misrepresent our product/offer

5. Affiliates cannot create social media pages with product name or brand name. Anyone found using "brand name", "website name" or "product images" on their Facebook Fan-page or other social platforms to promote the product without permission will be banned immediately.

6. You cannot earn commissions on your own purchase.

7. Vendor reserves the right to terminate any affiliate if found to be breaking any rules and using black-hat marketing practices to drive sales or for any other reason.

Always adhere to these FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services.

Multi-Language Support

Voice2Content understands and processes voice inputs in any language.

Pre-Launch Begins

Oct. 16th at 11 AM ET/NY

Pre-Launch Webinar

Oct. 19th at 10 AM ET/NY

$241 PER SALE!